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We bring competitive intelligence and actionable insights to you daily, to help your brands act today and win tomorrow.

Shelf Display

‘Eye level is buy level’. Optimise the shelf utilisation to place your products at prime locations on pages and listings to maximise eyeball views on your products.


Never miss an opportunity to sell. Plan your assortment mix as per
what customers want and ensure zero unavailability.

Do Safe

Keep a close watch on creatives and communication used by resellers
on marketplaces for compliance and safe trade practices.

Actionize Customer

Work on customer feedback, ratings and reviews to drive
positive sentiment for building sustainable and growing brand equity.

About mScanIt

A pioneering platform built to help existing online businesses create an effective marketing roadmap, as well as formulate a winning strategy for new business in onboarding online. mScanIt is redefining e-commerce analytics by providing customizable, accurate and up-to-date insights.

Our Solutions

Helping online brands to get a holistic view of the online channels, be it market places, or individual sites, mScanIt has been intricately designed to provide relevant data in the most simplistic manner. A Five-pillar approach for in-depth analytics provides e-commerce brands with detailed business inputs.

  • Product Listings
  • Position & Page Analysis
  • Pricing & Discount Analysis
  • SKU Analysis
  • Rating & Reviews
  • Seen & Sold Metrics
  • Best Seller Report
  • Revenue Estimate
  • Stock Status
  • Buy Box Tracking
  • Zip Code wise Stock Status
  • Seller wise Stock Analysis
  • Perfect Page
  • Banner Placement & Rank analysis
  • 3P Seller Analysis
  • A+ Content
  • Flash Sales & Promotion
  • Media Campaigns
  • Sponsored Ads
  • Keywords Word Cloud

Why mScanIt

Taking further the pedigree of mFilterIt of ‘Adding TRUST to Digital’, mScanIt has been developed as a deep scanning analytics solution for ecommerce businesses, to help them strike winning strokes in an ever-competitive and dynamic digital world. With traditional B2B sectors, as well as legacy physical, channel-driven brands going digital, mScanIt has become the preferred choice of decision-makers to help them pursue their growth vision with sustainability and longevity.

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