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Making video ads relevant


mScanIt has its own SIRI that offers a comprehensive check on the video content and ensures that advertisers get the best out of spending on video channels, which attract the maximum premium amongst alternatives a marketer has.


  • Just one appearance of your brand defines its association in the eyes of a consumer. mScanIt ensures that the brand is only visible on the channels which do not tarnish its reputation. Any video appearing in a YouTube channel or any other video network which defies the very philosophy of the brand for which it wants to be known causes disproportionate harm which goes beyond wasting the money spent on advertising.  It simply diminshes the brand equity.


  • Once mScanIt starts populating data its predictive modeling techniques prescribe the good practices which include which channels and networks to spend more and what could be the results of an advertisement run over a specific channel or network. This gradually helps a marketer to plan the resources and gradually eliminate the ad fraud.


  • Each type of content has its own staunch community. For an advertiser to increase the efficacy of an ad, it is paramount to reach to the most appropriate target group of the products or services being offered. mScanIt assures an advertiser to get the perfect match of audience which makes the ads appear in the most relevant channels.


  • The real time insights is a cornerstone of any tracking platform. The insights module represented through an interactive dashboard gives comprehensive actionable insights about the campaign that helps advertisers to get a neutral view and also diagnose the elements which reduced the efficiency of a capaign run.